Thursday, December 3, 2015

And It's Already December

Last month my quilt guild (Pine Belt Quilters) played Bingo using fabric "cards" we made in colored rows, so instead of hearing B12 or G55, we heard calls like Yellow Batik or Blue Floral. I assembled nine "cards" into a children's quilt with screaming chartreuse sashing and black cornerstones with tennis shoes for the border.
We hosted Susan Cleveland for a workshop, and I finished the project started there. Sometimes the busy-ness of the season makes us forget that we actually got something done.
I enjoyed heading up a group from my church in making two new felt cutaway banners to celebrate the blessings of the fall season. They are 96" long and 48" wide and hang beside the baptistery. These are felt over netting, allowing the bricks to show through. The designs are by Fashions by Sarah and are the same type we made last fall for advent. The four advent banners can be seen here.

I made a trip to Dallas to visit my son and his family the weekend before Thanksgiving. Brittney, my oldest granddaughter, is expecting a baby boy next month, and there was a shower for her. Lots of pictures. One of my favorites is of the six sisters, with photos standing in for Kelsey (at Oklahoma Baptist University) and Katelyn (married living in Michigan). L to R: Kiesha, Kaley, Brittney, Christy.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a dedicated cat lover, but that little dog in Dallas really won my heart. Meet Willow:


Tanya Brown said...

I love your banners. Congratulations on the upcoming great-grandchild!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Tanya. The first two girls in the picture have two little boys each, and the new baby is a boy. Working on a team! Son Mark is already teaching the eight-year-old to play tennis.