Friday, May 29, 2015

Pathways Workshop

The Pathways workshop on May 27 for Pine Belt Quilters went very well. I continued with the Power Point Presentation to refresh some of the information from the program two weeks earlier and to see details of how we can draw our own designs, add registration marks, match registration marks on a light box, and stitch the pieces together. Having the PowerPoint with pictures was most helpful, allowing a quick look back to compare color choices and construction methods. I am so proud of the guild's recently purchased projector, and we will all benefit from better programs by using it and the new camera. 
To get comfortable with the Applipiecing technique developed by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, I had the students construct a small design about 8" x 10" before starting on their larger project. They cut out freezer paper patterns and ironed these pieces to fabric and cut out, then used glue sticks to turn the seam allowances on the "over" edges. These "overs" were then positioned on the "unders" by matching registration marks.

Using PowerPoint

Elsie Harris, Missy Lee, Martha Ginn, Suzannah Patterson
A light box works well for positioning the pieces, but a quick holding up to the light helps, too.
Dianne McLendon
Joe Bingham

Ellen Hall
After working on the small practice piece, I had the students select their larger design from the four patterns I had prepared. They began deciding on the pathways in their larger piece, some adding Flying Geese, Piano Keys, Spikes, and some using solid fabric paths.
Susie Jackson
Suzannah Patterson
Some of the sewing machines had tension issues using the invisible thread, even after changing needles and trying other spools of thread, but Suzannah's little Janome didn't know it should have problems and performed like a real trooper. She had never used the machine before and we expected disaster and were happily surprised at her outcome.

Some of the students planned to alter their designs and use the Pathways in a novel way, which is always a thrill when a teacher feels like the students are taking the class one step further by adding their own innovation. We were so busy that I didn't get pictures of the finished small pieces before an approaching  thunderstorm caused us to need to move sewing machines to cars before the rain started.
I'll post more pictures later. It was a fun and successful day!


Vivian Helena said...

Looks like great fun. We are running a bit later on our trip but will let you know when we get close. Hope we don't have to swim.
Wish you lived closer, you would be great at our guild!

Martha Ginn said...

Yes, Vivian, it was a fun time for me as well as the students. Good luck on your travels; I'll be following on your blog to see where you are. Surely the flooding in Texas will be over before you get there. I have lots of relatives there and watch the reports.

LA Paylor said...

well well well you've not only been teaching but those kittens are growing too. I didn't expect so many new posts! Josh Groban, lol. Your house cats don't want newbies taking over your attention... "wouldn't they be happier in other homes, momma?? "


Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, LeeAnna, The kittens weigh 2-1/2 lbs today and are going for their neutering and to the adoption center next week. I'm giving them lots of attention to prepare them for their new home--hoping it's one home for all three! Doesn't Cole need a little buddy to play with? LOL.