Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making a Barn Quilt Sign

A Pine Belt Quilter member gave a program this spring on Barn Quilt signs she had seen on a trip and suggested that we might want to create some for our own quilt trail in our area. I have a small shop building in my back yard which can be seen from the street, so this seems a logical place for a barn quilt sign.
Our signs are two feet square and I decided on the 54-40 or Fight block in three colors--cream, apple green, and red, with black lines and black outside edges. I marked my design on the treated wood board with a pencil and began painting with a sponge brush, first the cream background blocks, then the green ones, and finally the red triangles.

Trying out my colors
Painter's tape helps
Drawing black on the lines; I will paint black outside edges

Rahrah and Elizabeth are bored


Joy V said...

Your barn sign looks lovely Martha. Would love to see a photo of it on your 'shop' building.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Joy!
I have the sign finished and sprayed with clear acrylic spray to protect, and asked the husband of a quilt friend last night if he would help me hang it. I will definitely post a picture of it in place as soon as it is up.