Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer's Over--All But the Heat

 It's been great having fresh tomatoes from my yard and peppers from my friends. There is nothing quite so good as a bacon and tomato sandwich, and these little cherry tomatoes work just fine even though they're challenging to keep on the sandwich. Having my wrist in a splint for 10 days really stopped any sewing and quilting activities. I can type with one hand, but that other hand is essential for any needlework activities. I missed sewing!
So now it's time to finish up my entries for our Pine Belt Quilters 15th Biennial Fiber Art & Quilt Show. Our three-day show is October 3-4-5, which is barely a month away. Entry deadline has passed, so we're on the home stretch. I had to keep removing Rah-Rah from this quilt as I did the last of the machine quilting. Now it just needs the facing, sleeve, and label--good TV watching activity.

Labor Day Weekend was a nice surprise for daughter Linda and me. Son Mark called saying he was driving over from Dallas. We always have a list of odd jobs he helps us with when he comes. My list was empty, so he took care of her split fig tree and a security light. On his previous trip he solved a drainage problem for me by building a little bridge from my driveway to the back yard over a low spot containing a French drain.


On this trip he took a selfie in front of the bridge.


Holly Knott said...

I love Mark's handiwork! Great job. It looks fantastic. Hope your wrist is feeling better soon, though, and that photo of Tar Baby below, hanging off your lap, is just too cute. They're all getting too big, too quickly!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Holly. Yes, I just love the little bridge--functional but beautiful. Looking forward to a little cooler weather to sit outside. The kitties are so entertaining and would love to be indoor/outdoor cats. Tarbaby's second favorite perch is on my shoulder--also requiring me to hold him. Such a demanding sweetie.

jude said...

hey, hope you had a grand summer. i broke my toe, but i spent the extra time not walking to catch up on stitching.