Sunday, September 7, 2014

In Praise of Water

Water--how precious it is! How thankful I am to have clean, abundant, convenient water. We admire its beauty, stand in awe of its power, and delight in the feel of it on our skin. A friend invited/challenged me to post three positives a day for five days. My first thought was, "how can I limit it to just 15?" The next thought was, "what is the order of importance?--they are all most important!"
This morning our pastor's sermon dealt with Noah, the flood, the rainbow and God's promises. We sang a (new-to-me) hymn, "In Water We Grow," words by Brian Wren, Hope Publishing Company, 1993. I liked many of the pictures the words conjured up.
"In water we grow. . . ."
"In water we wash the dirt of each day, its trouble and rush are carried away. . . ."
"In water we dwell, for by its deep flow through bloodstream and cell, we live, think, and grow. Praise God, love outflowing, whose well of new birth baptizes our knowing, and waters the earth."
So my first list of positives has to include Water. Several years ago I made quilts of the four elements--Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Though a calm lake is what most often comes to mind when we think of water, a wild sea was more exciting to interpret in fabric.

The Elements:  Water
Later I depicted the Pacific Northwest coastline from a picture I had taken while visiting in Washington state. The quilts don't do justice to the sight and sound, but they can call up memories for us.

Pacific Coast
Giant Wave, gift to DalianVocational School, Dalian, China


LA Paylor said...

Hi there
Funny enough we were talking about water in bee today. Someone said our drinking water is good here, which is debatable but we all expressed being lucky to have lots of water.
Are you doing three positives a day for 5? Fun posts.
Lee Anna

Ruth Powers said...

Beautiful quilts. beautiful thoughts! I especially like "Elements, Water"

Martha Ginn said...

thanks, LA and Ruth...a Facebook friend asked me to do the 3 positives for 5 days; I will start when I get back from my 3-day quilting retreat at a lake!