Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving and Lemon Meringue Pie

Lying in my cozy, warm bed listening to the cat purring near my feet and the cold rain falling outside is a great reminder of how truly blessed I am! Thanksgiving brings back memories of family gatherings at my brother's home in Austin, Texas. But here in Mississippi, I have church friends, quilting friends, art friends, neighbors and community friends who share with me a sense of belonging.

Most of my family still live in Texas, but we had a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner today, daughter Linda and I and two USM library friends. Rather than turkey and dressing, I ordered a Chicken Pot Pie from a local caterer. What a great idea! The others brought the rest of the feast.

My only cooking was lemon meringue pie, duplicating my grandmother's recipe. It's hard to find real lemon meringue pie, with the popularity of the icebox pies and condensed milk lemon pies. But since my new Meyer lemon tree (a gift from a friend) has produced some small but beautiful lemons, I was eager to try my hand. I used to be a purist about homemade crust but have gotten over that. The young tree was so heavy with fruit that one of the branches broke. I have rescued the remaining fruit from the freezing overnight temperatures.


Good Canary said...

oooh! I would love to have the recipe!

Martha said...

Wendi (aka Good Canary), I will email you. This would be your great-grandmother Bonnie's recipe--Herbert Weeks' mother. I think the last time we were together was at (my brother's and your uncle's) Terry's house when my parents and your grandparents were still alive--what great memories!

Linda Ginn said...

It was a wonderful meal all around.

Vivian Helena said...

Hope the storms have not bothered you in Miss. The one thing my mother could bake was the lemon Meringue Pie.. But never did try it.
I miss being able to grow a Lemon tree at this altitude. Down a could miles it is possible, but we are on the edge.. Last night we had snow, but should melt by the end of the day.. Stay cozy. hugs, vivian