Friday, November 22, 2013

Pictures at Exhibition--William Carey University

Here are some up-close shots of pieces in the exhibit. Click to enlarge for more detail.
Red Ruffles, 29" x 28"

Orange Sunflower, 29" x 28"

Twisted Tree, 22" x 19"

Galaxy, 37" x 24"

Color Bars #8-Red Roses, 17" x 23"

Color Bars #2, 36" x 22"

When Worlds Collide, 34" x 18"

Amaryllis, 25" x 27"

Color Bars #9, #6, #10, #11
12" x 12" to 9" x 12"


Ellen Lindner said...

These look great, Martha!!! MAJOR congratulations!

Martha said...

Thanks, Ellen.
Visiting with friends and describing the pieces and answering questions has been a marvelous experience! I really appreciate my Internet friends visiting the gallery, too!

Margaret said...

Thanks for pointing me to your blog, Martha. Your floral pieces are spectacular -- and I really like your abstract colour bar series. Congratulations on a great show!