Friday, November 1, 2013

My Favorite Hanging Method

     Quilts need a 4" sleeve on the back to hang on the pipe and drape hardware in quilt shows. When displayed in galleries or art shows, a wire is usually required. Attaching sleeves is my least favorite part of the entire process, so I certainly don't want to have to change or add a new sleeve to change where the piece is to be displayed. If one method can accommodate quilt shows, art shows/galleries, and hanging on my wall, so much the better.
     I prefer one hole in the center of the slat and use a divided sleeve that is open in the center. For years I have used a 1/4" thick wooden slat with a hole drilled in the center to go over a nail to hang an art quilt on the wall. If that piece was entered in an art show, I attached eye-hooks to the ends of the slats and attached the wire (twisting like on a picture frame).

     Recently I discovered 2 inch faux wood blinds. They are economical, sturdy, and can be cut shorter or or glued together to add strength and extra length. I bought one 23" x 64" blind and disassembled it, leaving me with lots of neat white, thin slats with two little slit openings. I can run wire through the slits. To secure the knot in the wire, I add some Liquid Nails or E6000.

front, facing the sleeve opening
back, facing back of quilt
     For shorter slats, I can cut these with heavy scissors instead of having to saw the wooden slats. If the 23" slat is not long enough, I overlap and join two slats with Liquid Nails or E6000. An electric drill will drill holes easily for the wire since the slits are covered.

front, two slats glued to get proper length
back, two slats glued, using drilled holes for wire
ready to hang in gallery with slat; remove slat for pipe & drape
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