Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home from China, part 7

It was my pleasure to donate Butterfly Crossing to the Dalian Modern Museum. There are thread-painted butterflies and quilted ghost butterflies flying between the yellow/black fan shapes, and it will be a tribute to the beautiful and colorful people I met! The museum is free to the people, and the directors and staff are proud to inform the people of China's rich cultural history.
Dalian Modern Museum Director Liu Guang Tang receiving Butterfly Crossing
with Linda Ginn, Scott Macintosh, and Assistant Director
The audience members at the museum talk were very interested and appreciative of being able to examine the pieces up close. They were curious about techniques and took lots of pictures.

In a hands-on demonstration with a sewing machine set up in the hallway after the lecture, it was a privilege to get to see some works by local quilters. These pieces were made by young women and they were skillfully done.


V. Plummer said...

I can't imagine trying to teach in another language! But I'm sure everyone enjoyed seeing your wonderful quilts. Your pictures are such fun and it looks like a truly wonderful trip and wonderful experience.

Martha said...

The interpreters were great, and had me say several sentences (or a complete thought) and then let them pass that on. This way it was not so chopped up with a sentence in English and then in Chinese. There were always several in the audiences who understood some English and I could see recognition on their faces even before the interpreter spoke. Yes, a wonderful experience!