Monday, April 1, 2013

Home from China, part 4

Linda and Martha in library lobby
The Dalian Municipal Library is a beautiful building four stories tall and is free for the residents. There are branches, but no system for borrowing from other branches. They use the card catalog and there were large tables set up for people to use while reading books, magazines, and newspapers. We saw many students studying.
I had a copy of The Llama's Pajamas, written by a good friend, Carol Vickers, with me in case any of my talks involved young children. It's about a boy who didn't look after his quilt as he should have, and had it borrowed by a bear, a monkey, and a llama. I gave it to the children's librarian after I showed it to her and briefly told her the story; she was delighted to add it to their collection.
The Llama's Pajamas
Dr. Seuss books in Chinese

MEANWHILE, back in Mississippi, the azaleas were blooming, as well as my healthy geranium plants on my front porch. The temperatures in Dalian were in the 30s and 40s, sometimes quite windy when we were near the water. When we left home the flowers were barely beginning to bloom, so this was a happy surprise to see when we got back.

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