Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Summer Veggies and Caterpillars

The Farmers' Curb Market had these beautiful long eggplants that I love. I also bought pink-eye purple hull peas and okra and some little miniature eggplants. Buying the peas caused me to make a recipe of my family's beloved Hot Tomato Relish before I could cook the peas.
Pink-eye purple hull peas, okra, eggplant, miniature eggplant 
   I made a little progress on this black and white wall quilt, but it will take one more day (with Elizabeth asleep in another room!) to finish it.
In progress
   After my disappointment over having no black swallowtail butterflies lay eggs on my HUGE parsley plant this spring/summer, I kidnapped (rescued) four fat caterpillars from Ellen Hall's parsley when she said she had two plants being devoured by a bunch of them. I put them in a large jar with some parsley bought from Winn-Dixie, and after four days I had two chrysalises. The other two did not live. Felder Rushing, our state gardening expert, mentioned that the Eastern Black Swallowtail is Mississippi's state butterfly. This made me even happier to think I saved a couple from the birds. The butterflies should wake and shed their chrysalises in 10-20 days; then live another 6-14 days, hopefully laying eggs on MY parsley! This article and pictures confirmed my identification. I got another caterpillar from Ellen, with less yellow-green and more black, so it might not be a swallowtail. She's munching away on her very own parsley plant, so I'm eager to see what she turns out to be. (Be sure to enlarge pictures to see these better.)
Four hungry caterpillars

See the chrysalis on the right, hanging by silk thread

A different caterpillar?
    Progress is very slow on the dog puzzle. Elizabeth says this box is too small but will do for now.

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tierneycreates said...

Awww - you are raising caterpillars so they can become butterflies! Are you starting the first caterpiller rescue organization ;-)

Another lovely post and yay for summer veggies! Elizabeth adorable as always!