Tuesday, August 6, 2019

New Lights and Cats

The light went out on my sewing machine and a trip to the service guy would be necessary to replace it.  After seeing a little light strip on Stewie's Nana's machine, I ordered one. (Stewie Fulkerson is a beautiful cat with his own Facebook page.) It was tricky to stick under my Pfaff's machine head, but Elizabeth was there to investigate and help out.

Here is what the strip looks like as I am sticking it to the side and underneath of the machine head.  I ordered mine here: https://serenshop.com/product/sewing-machine-light, cost about $20 including shipping and it took a couple of weeks, was shipped from China. 

   Stewie's Nana says hers came from this site: 
Meanwhile, Tarbaby is perched on the back of my computer chair (with pillowcase to protect from sharp claws).

 Rahrah always has a guilty look on her face. I think it is those big eyes.


Kara Benavides said...

Your cats are beautiful. I have been thinking about getting one of those strip lights. I will need it when winter comes. But right now, my machine and window face south and I have good lighting most of the day.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Kara. My cats are precious, and as you can see, curious! I have good overhead fluorescent lights above but I think this little strip will be most helpful.

tierneycreates said...

The new light is awesome but the kitty under it is even more awesome!