Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Caterpillars into Black Swallowtail Butterflies

My caterpillars emerged from their chrysalises after nine days. The first one was out one morning when I awoke. I had taken a little sewing trip to my friend Jackie Watkins' home on Lake Caroline north of Jackson, and the jar of parsley and two chrysalises went with me. Thinking the second one was about ready, I positioned the jar on my dash so I would not miss anything on the two-hour drive back to Hattiesburg. (My kids will probably freak out when they read this, but I swear I was careful and safe!) I took the first hatchling out of the jar and put him on the dash, where he stayed for the ride. When I got back to Hattiesburg I put him on some parsley in my flowerbed so he would know where his home was.
Hatched in the jar
My view of the dashboard
    The second one began to emerge about Collins (30 miles from home) and it was such a fun scene that I found a place to pull over and watch and take a few good pictures. He was also placed in my flowerbed. Both butterflies stayed a couple of hours before flying, and it was quite a happy sight when I saw one of them the following day on my Lantana flowers.
He rode on the dash for two hours

Placed in flowerbed on parsley

Crawling all over the parsley

Checking out the portulaca

Resting before taking flight
      I put the binding on this Leftover Triangles piece, did a ghost quilting project, and planned another Interleave design using black, red, black print, and green/red/gold print with composers' names on it. I think this will be called Interleave Symphony. It is wider and taller than any previous pieces I have made and I thought I would have to give up when the first few rows were so difficult to handle under the machine head. After several rows it became more manageable. I think I am going to like it. Elizabeth approves after close inspection.
Leftover Triangles
Wild Rose Ghost Quilting
Layout for new Interleave

Elizabeth giving her approval
      The dog puzzle is still under construction, and I often find Elizabeth sitting or sleeping on it, waiting for me to come and work. Three friends came one afternoon to help, and she enjoyed the added attention so much that she finally just insisted on laying down on it to be admired. I would try to pick her up, but her swishing tail could fling pieces everywhere. We gave up and left her, so she quickly became tired of this game. Rahrah sometimes comes to check it out. She can fit into the box quite easily.
Elizabeth breaking up the puzzle party

Rahrah fits easily into the puzzle box

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tierneycreates said...

Another lovely post! Butterfly rescue :-)
I always enjoy the images and the quilting pieces are wonderful. Elizabeth is a puzzle professional!