Sunday, August 4, 2019

August--Hot Outside, Cool Inside

After bragging about my "clean" garage, I feel a little guilty that I did not show the rest of the garage. But not guilty enough to do that. You have to have shelves to store gardening tools and such. An extra old refrigerator is also handy.
I finally got Elizabeth off this Fractured Roses quilt long enough to get the binding and sleeve on it. Then this Improv Music piece is also finished.
Fractured Roses
Improv Music
I took them to an SFA (Southern Fiber Artists) meeting yesterday. It is always refreshing to spend the day with other fiber artists and see what they have been doing. We presented little 8"x10" quilts to thank Sue Rountree for her two years as our leader. Here is mine--a ghost-quilting piece.

Jackie Watkins and I taught a Moon Over the Mountain Interleave design to the group.

I participated in a quilt exhibit called Sacred Threads last month that is held biennially in the Washington DC/Virginia area. This is a unique exhibit of quilts exploring themes of joy, inspiration, spirituality, healing, grief and peace/brotherhood. There was a section called Eye Contact: Creating a Connection, of small quilts (5" x 23") featuring human eyes, with the purpose of encouraging us to notice each other, to look at each other, to interact with each other, "to bridge the distance that seems to separate us."

Libby Williamson with her quilt
The current puzzle on my table is a picture of those old dogs playing poker. It's 1000 pieces with lots of black or blue-black that will be the last to put in. My favorite is the guy on the far right.


tierneycreates said...

The eyes exhibit it amazing! And of course your pieces are spectacular as always :-)

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Tierney. The Eyes exhibit would have been so wonderful to see in person!