Sunday, July 28, 2019

July and an Empty Garage

After having 40 boxes of donated Pine Belt Quilters quilt supplies in my garage for six weeks, I am happy to say the garage is empty. The remainder was donated to the Hattiesburg Arts Council for Abigail Lenz to use in her activities with children's camps and art groups.

     I have been working on a Quilt of Valor as well as another guild project (table decorations for our hosting of the MQA Fall Gathering in Hattiesburg Oct. 25-26. The QOV is made of squares surrounded by strips--dark squares with light strips and vice-versa, in patriotic colors. Many of the pieces came from the 40 boxes of donated fabric.

     Then there were some postcards for special friends, and some improvisational piecing.

     I finished the chameleon puzzle and thought I'd give puzzling a rest, but this clown fish one looked so easy with its sharp, clean lines. It did prove fun and not a challenging as the chameleons. Tarbaby is an equal opportunity puzzler. When he wants my undivided attention, he just parks himself where I can't ignore him--on the puzzle, on the fabric, on the computer keyboard. He loves to hang his head off the edge of a table.

     But this is his favorite position of all. 
     It has taken almost daily watering to keep my flowerbed alive this month. I'm concentrating on hardy plants. The first New Yard Guy mowed down my mint plants. I bought four Mexican Heather plants and put two in an open area against the fence, only to have the Second New Yard Guy attack them with the weed-eater. He's no longer the Yard Guy. But this fuzzy purple plant has been here since last summer. It is up in the flowerbed, protected by the cement pavers.

     I participated in an exhibit this month called Sacred Threads in Virginia, in a section called Eye Contact. The pieces were 5" x 23" and featuring human eyes. It must have been a fascinating exhibit to see in person!


tierneycreates said...

Where do I start?!?! First of all - your purple hair looks wonderful! Congrats on the empty garage and how wonderful all that fabric that was donated! Loved seeing the beautiful quilt art in the post too!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Tierney,
The blue/purple hair draws so many comments everywhere I go. Of course, a few my age and older look at me with confusion. But it is fun. The clean garage makes me happy (of course, there is the expected storage of yard tools, etc. in the other side that the pic does not show. haha.