Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day, America

It was a beautiful day for outdoor celebrating, but we opted for a cool movie (Toy Story 4) and fond remembrances of Roy on the eighth anniversary of his death. My, how he loved to grow tomatoes!
He also liked to do chip carving designs on wood panels. Here is one hanging in the window in the dining room (both sides).

The painting of the living room and dining room is complete. I love the lighter look and hope Roy forgives me for painting over that beautiful wood paneling. My fiber art really shows up on these lighter walls.

I had a chameleon jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table for about a month; it was quite a challenge even though it was only 550 pieces. Size is 18" x 24". 

Tarbaby would come and hang off the table when he wanted attention. Elizabeth was content to sleep in the bowl or on the puzzle as long as she could be near.

My guild was given 40 boxes of a quilter's supplies when her health caused her family to move her out of state. We devoted lots to guild projects and charitable activities. Then we displayed everything in my garage and sold to our members and will use the money for future programs and charitable work. What a reminder for us to use our fabric so our children don't have to deal with it after we are gone.


tierneycreates said...

Hello Martha! Your house looks wonderful with the lighter color. I of course love the photo of Elizabeth asleep with the puzzle!

Martha Ginn said...

Elizabeth is a constant companion with the puzzle, and she is usually content to sleep nearby. Tarbaby, on the other hand, demands my attention by flopping down over part of it--meaning puzzle time is over.