Saturday, March 30, 2019

Spring is here

Everything is so green now! The trees are covered in leaves; azaleas are blooming in many yards, and the temperature is perfect for sitting out on porches and patios. Here is the view from my front porch. I even spent several days power washing the paving stones along the front. I may be the only one who sees them, because everyone except the mail carrier and UPS guy use my back driveway. But for springtime it seemed like a neat thing to do.

In my backyard a Lady Banksia rose bush is getting established and I am training it to run along the fence.

We don't have Texas bluebonnets, but this little ground cover, Ajuga, is making a nice substitute.
 My pansy bed was planted in November and I have enjoyed blooms ever since. There is a huge parsley plant (enlarge to see) and lots of oregano; I added basil and a rosemary plant. My "Rosemary Christmas Tree" didn't survive the winter.  You can see it here if you want to look back.
The oxalis (fighting for space with oregano) looks like large clover that I want to pull like weeds. But then it has these lovely little pink blooms that make me realize I shouldn't think of it as a weed after all.
The hostas die down and are covered in pine straw for protection over the winter. It is exciting to see them beginning to fight their way through the straw.
I have only one houseplant--a Christmas cactus. It lives on a table by an east window all year. Even though it is supposed to get a certain amount of dark in order for it to bloom, it forgave me for this neglect and produced a slow but constant blooming period from November through March. Here it is at the end of March with perhaps its last three blooms.
Two blog posts this month! There is hope I will do better next month.


LA Paylor said...

Hi Martha... how pretty... I miss my haven backyard in MD but need to learn how to garden here in the wind tunnel, er, snowy, er blisteringly hot area we moved to.

Mary said...

Hi Martha... Lovely to see your gardens blooming! I live in Connecticut and am looking forward to flowers coming out here in May and June.

tierneycreates said...

Oh my goodness the photos are lovely! Definitely an advantage to living in your part of the country!!!