Friday, March 29, 2019

Marching through March

Or maybe I should say Zooming through March! Winter officially ended after only two below freezing nights to worry about protecting the orange tree and geranium. The geranium seems to love winter and is covered in blooms.
Geranium (with pine pollen on leaves)
My youngest granddaughter got married in Texas, and Linda and I had a lovely trip over to see all those Texas folks. We were a couple of weeks too early for bluebonnets, so I will enjoy pictures.

Mark and Melody Ginn with all six daughters and families
Nephews almost stole the show with their cuteness
I've been playing with fabric-wrapped cord bowls; the wrapping takes more time than sewing, but this was a good diversion for the trip. Elizabeth had to try this one on for size.

My life is usually pretty uneventful, but this week had some unexpected excitement. About midnight one night I was getting up from the computer and was startled to see a SNAKE coming out of the wheel of the other chair in the room. He wasn't actually coming out--but about 24" of him was sticking out of the slit in the wheel.
Diamond black king snake

 Another part of him (containing the tail and some skin) was on the floor nearby. I have no idea how he got there and particularly how he was so tightly bound inside the wheel. What to do at midnight? Who could I call to come? The chair would not roll with the snake tangled up inside one of the wheels. He did not have a triangular-shaped head (indicating a poisonous snake), and I thought he was a king snake, which is known to be a good snake which eats bad ones. My solution was to get a thick wad of paper towels and grab him and pull him out--easier said than done, but finally done and stuffed into a box and tossed into the garage. The next morning I saw that he had survived long enough to try to get out of the box, but the pulling and stretching had done too much damage for him to survive.

Enough excitement for one night.


Tierney Creates said...

Great update and lovely wedding photos. Poor snake, things did not work out for him/her but at least the snake got to see inside your lovely home - ha!

Martha Ginn said...

Gee whiz--I never thought the snake might have just wanted to look around inside. Guess he saw cats coming and going and got curious. Tierney, you're hilarious!

LA Paylor said...

OMG my heart is racing about the snake! I could feel the panic, what to do late at night? Well, you couldn't go to sleep! You did what you could...LeeAnna