Friday, November 11, 2016

My Favorite Veteran

Roy Ginn, 1950
Remembering my favorite veteran on Veterans Day. I didn't meet Roy (on a blind date!) until he came home from the Navy, but he looked just like this. Who wouldn't fall in love with those blue eyes?
     This picture was taken when he was on a ship headed for Japan after a year in radio communication school on Bainbridge Island, Washington. His training was in decoding radio transmissions in Russian.
     We married when I was 18 and he was 24--good thing at least one of us was an adult. Our 57 years together were happy and fulfilling. We were the perfect example of "in sickness and in health," each taking turns caring for the other as needed. He was a wonderful father and friend and we raised two outstanding children. Parkinson's robbed him of his last few years of activity, but he never gave up.
     Thank you for your service and your love of country, family, and all things good.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet story! He was a very good looking young man, but then he was a nice looking older man, too! Enjoyed your. Memories....elvia

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Elvia.....we both married keepers, didn't we?

Kiesha B. said...

Love this. Thank you so much for sharing. And boy, wasn't he handsome?

Tierney Hogan said...

Very awesome, what a handsome man! Glad you had many wonderful years together, and lovely to honor him on Veterans Day.

Anonymous said...

Awwww!!!! Such sweet sorrow!!! Hugs good and dear artist friend!!! Such a dear testimony to your hubby and life mate! I am deeply sorry for your loss, yet, rejoice in the wonderful life you two shared!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks Anonymous and Tierney and Kiesha! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Roy as a young man and reading about they say, "I could write a book." He's been gone five years now but the steadfast love he gave will never leave me. He was my biggest fan and I can still see him standing in the doorway of my wonderful studio/sewing room and saying, "I'm so glad you have this space!"

Anonymous said...

That was great to see a pic of Roy when young. So handsome. Even when older his eyes were memorable!

Marilyn Hunt