Monday, April 25, 2016

More Artist's Altered Book Project and Rosemary

Our Wetlands by Gabriele DiTota

I received the third page for my Artist’s Altered Book Collaboration, and is it a beauty! Well, another beauty! My theme is “Leaves, Trees, Rocks, Water, Anything Nature Related,” which is pretty broad, just like the pages I’m receiving. Gabriele DiTota made this page, which she titled “Our Wetlands,” with such realistic depictions of muddy bank, cattails, water, hillside, and sky, that it evoked such comments as “I can almost hear ducks calling overhead,” and “I can imagine soft whimper of a baby from a basket.”  What a rich image and feeling it evokes.

I have a huge rosemary bush at the edge of a flowerbed by my driveway. Occasionally I trim it and deliver cuttings to the chefs at two of my favorite restaurants (Patio 44 and Tabella’s). But the bush is still shielding the flowerbed from sunlight so I did more severe trimming. Here is what it looks like after stuffing two bags full of cuttings. I wish it would root so I could share the growing plant, but it seems resistant to propagating.

I’m looking forward to presenting the program in New Orleans April 30 for the Gulf States Quilting Association quarterly meeting.
My son drove here from Dallas last week and did lots of fix-up projects. The weather was perfect for replacing the outdoor security lights and planting caladium bulbs. He enjoyed my cats Rah-Rah and Elizabeth, and the girls enjoyed him; Tarbaby took several days to warm up. After three days of non-stop activity, a little relaxation with the girls was in order.


Vivian Helena said...

I trimmed some of my Rosemary also. Had a truck deliver a pile of river rocks. Want to make "stream" beds, one rock at a time. So it will take awhile to finish. Love the quilt. Have fun. Nice that your son could help. Strong arms are so nice and to have the company of sons is delightful.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Vivian. Friends up North are wishing they could grow rosemary like this. We're lucky that our weather is mild enough in the South!

Tierney Hogan said...

Enjoyed this update and the photos! It looks like you wore out your son with all those projects and the kitties had to protect him! :-)

Martha Ginn said...

Tierney, I took several pictures of him up on the ladder installing the security lights. That's why the collapsed on the bed with the kitties was special. He has a little dog but really enjoyed the cats (he grew up with cats).