Thursday, February 18, 2016

Quilting the Shapely Challenge--With Help

My Shapely Challenge quilt is all assembled, bordered, layered and basted. Now for the quilting. This step really had me stumped. It turned out about 85" x 95" and I wondered IF I could handle the quilting myself and if so, HOW to quilt it. I have a Sweet Sixteen machine, but still worried about actually doing it. After much thought I realized that all the planning wasn't going to get the job done and I just needed to get started. Elizabeth is my constant companion and loves to curl up on whatever I am working on. Since it is important not to have anything restricting the movement of the quilt or dragging on the quilt, I kept moving her. When I would leave the quilt and come back, she was in another "more comfy" place.

Rah-Rah thought Elizabeth might be getting too much attention, so she joined her and got as close as she could.

After I was through she finally got to get under the machine head--where I wouldn't let her be while I was quilting.
Now for the binding. The reveal is at Pine Belt Quilters' March 9 meeting; I will post a full picture then.


Vivian Helena said...

Looks great. I bought the sweet 16, and then Ralph had his shoulder surgery and have not made in to the studio. So frustrating. Look forward to seeing Your new quilt. Your kitty's are so cute. Started to clean up my studio, and found 4 UFO's. Lots to practice on, cuddle size. Hope all well. My older brother that we were visiting in Gulf Port passed away this week. So glad we made the drive last summer.
Spring is starting here early. Wild flowers, and daffodil springing up... No pun intended!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks,'ll enjoy the Sweet 16 when you get to use it. I did quite a few children's quilts to get comfortable with it. Sorry about your brother's death, but glad you visited him last year--and stopped to see me! I hope Ralph's shoulder is healing well.

Glover said...

Your kitties look so cozy. There's nothing better than a quilt when it's cold outside.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks.....kitties are wonderful even in hot weather. They sometimes have to be banned from the studio so I can quilt without them trying to chew and swallow the thread from the machine. Thread on the floor is not tempting--only from the spool on the machine.

Tierney Hogan said...

I love the kitty nesting on the quilt!