Thursday, February 18, 2016

Quilting the Shapely Challenge--With Help

My Shapely Challenge quilt is all assembled, bordered, layered and basted. Now for the quilting. This step really had me stumped. It turned out about 85" x 95" and I wondered IF I could handle the quilting myself and if so, HOW to quilt it. I have a Sweet Sixteen machine, but still worried about actually doing it. After much thought I realized that all the planning wasn't going to get the job done and I just needed to get started. Elizabeth is my constant companion and loves to curl up on whatever I am working on. Since it is important not to have anything restricting the movement of the quilt or dragging on the quilt, I kept moving her. When I would leave the quilt and come back, she was in another "more comfy" place.

Rah-Rah thought Elizabeth might be getting too much attention, so she joined her and got as close as she could.

After I was through she finally got to get under the machine head--where I wouldn't let her be while I was quilting.
Now for the binding. The reveal is at Pine Belt Quilters' March 9 meeting; I will post a full picture then.
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