Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pine Trees and Power Washing

Fall in Mississippi is a beautiful time, particularly if you love pine trees. I have towering pines all over my yard, which provide welcome shade during the heat of summer.

In the fall they constantly shed many (not all) of their needles ("leaves") and cones. The squirrels do their best to eat the green cones. Some mornings my driveway looks as if there won't be any cones left on the tree above by the looks of the trash the squirrels have left.

The cones are similar but unique, and it's hard not to appreciate their beauty. The wind blows the dry pine needles from the trees, making a carpet of needles (pine straw) over the grass. The straw makes wonderful mulch around azaleas for winter protection from the cold. That is, if you want to rake and move it to the flowerbeds.
Along with raking pine straw, I've been power washing my concrete and brick that has discolored. This job is really fun, mainly because of the instant gratification it brings. Once you start, there's no stopping until all sidewalks and paving stones are done.

In progress

Easy to see where to begin again

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