Sunday, April 5, 2015

Springtime and Baby Kittens

What a beautiful springtime we are experiencing in South Mississippi. My azaleas have exploded with color, and I have put out a few bedding plants. The grass is beginning to show green, even under a fine dusting of yellow pine pollen. 

A hungry bumblebee

New geraniums to replace frozen ones
My most unexpected news is that I am fostering a small mama cat and her four babies! Southern Pines Animal Shelter called saying they needed a quieter place for several litters of kittens until they were old enough to be adopted and could I help for about eight weeks? I decided my garage could accommodate the large crate and I would enjoy watching the babies grow.
Caboodle and her four kittens--3 days old
Caboodle is beautiful and a very protective mama. In fact, my cats are terrified of her. She enjoys being held and brushed and purrs loudly. She hates the cage and keeps trying to move the babies to a darker place--like maybe this bucket. . . .

She finally agreed on the floor between a cabinet and the wall and seems very content here.



Vivian Helena said...

looks cute with her babies.. We have 7 cats, no more babies for them. They have a run outside, with 4 dogs houses, multiple climbing stuff. I whistle and they run in at 5-6 PM.. let them out in the AM. and a new Tabbie, big boy that has decided he likes it here also, but the other cats don't want him in the run.. Our garden is springing also, but we still might have rain or snow... we are hoping, just too dry here.Beautiful Azaleas. One of my favorite, love the color, don't have the right spot for them.
Enjoy! vivian

LA Paylor said...

she's beautiful. Lucky her to harbor in your place. LeeAnna

Michele said...

What beauties.

Kiesha B. said...

The pictures of the bumblebee is beautiful! Do you use a professional camera and edit them? It sure is beautiful and looks relaxing around your home. Hoping to get some of that when we go camping next week!