Friday, April 17, 2015

Old Quilt Repair and Growing Kittens

I finally finished repairing the old quilt I agreed to do back in November. My goal was not to make it look new--just secure or replace the loose patches and stitch and/or quilt to get the quilt back to a usable state. It is a dear and precious piece made by the owner's grandmother and it had cotton tumbling out and ragged places from years of loving and use. It was more difficult than I anticipated because the cotton was hard and packed from washing and knotting. Luckily, the original quilting design was straight lines or L-shapes about 2" apart, so there was a minimum of quilting needed.
Here are some "before" pictures (click to enlarge):

After the repair, I didn't want the owner to be able to tell my work from her grandmother's. A few patches were added to hide noticeable dark stains. She did not want the fraying edge replaced, so it got a few stitches just to prevent further damage. Here is the quilt after repair and washing:

 My foster kittens from Southern Pines Animal Shelter are three weeks old now and beginning to walk about. Mama has moved them again, to a shelf away from the side of the garage. I think a thunderstorm caused her to want to move away from the windows, so I put a fleece blanket under them and she seems content. She gets nervous when they don't stay with her, but in a few days they will be all over the garage. I've already begun leaving my car outside!


Vivian Helena said...

The kittens are really growing fast, so cute. It would be hard not to become attached to them. Love the quilt and the colors. V

LA Paylor said...

oh! the cutest little things ever.
The momma is gorgeous, and even looks worried poor girl...single baby-daddy in sight.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Vivian and LeeAnna. Quite an adventure with the kittens. I'm glad the quilt repair is over, and I've been cutting fabric all afternoon so I can start something from scratch again.