Saturday, February 28, 2015

Round Robin Challenge

My guild, Pine Belt Quilters, had a year-long challenge led by Dianne McLendon ending at the February 18, 2015, meeting with the reveal of the finished quilts. Every two months we were given one or two 6" strips (width of fabric) with a size instruction. I called it a "Selfish Round Robin," because we each did all the work on our own piece rather than passing it around. I did not have mine finished by the reveal deadline, but I blame carpal tunnel and knee replacement surgeries. The instructions for the rounds were:
Round 1: 18" x 24"
Round 2: 4"
Round 3: 3"
Round 4: 3"
Round 5: 6"
Round 6: 8"   making the finished quilts approximately 64" x 70".
Dianne's and the 12 finished quilts are shown under Guild Activities/Round Robin Challenge tab on the guild's website. The fabrics and instructions are listed after the quilt pictures. Susie Jackson, Ellen Cox, and Debbie Davis won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd viewers' choice awards. All 13 quilts were amazingly creative and different. The participants agreed that designing these pieces really caused them to stretch and grow.
Here is my quilt pictured after quilting; next is with the black binding.
before binding

With black binding

Decisions for Round 6

Decisions for Round 6

I had lots of help at every stage. If Tarbaby wasn't in my lap, he was on the quilt.


Quilter Beth said...

What a clever round robin. What types of fabric were given to you--solid, print? Did you know the colors you would be getting ahead of time? I take it that when you were given a measurement for each round that your addition had to be that wide? I love what you did. The movement in your quilt is fabulous. It is always nice to have a "helper" when you work; I have one at my house too.

Debbie Davis said...

Love your quilt Martha, especially the way you put the fabrics to use. Great job!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks for your comments, Beth and Debbie. BTW, Debbie's quilt won 3rd place--see it on the PBQ website.
Beth, the fabrics and sizes are published below the 13 quilts. We did not know what was coming in fabric or size of round until we got them. See our website under the Guild Activities/Round Robin tab. So this could also be called a Mystery Quilt, too.

LA Paylor said...

mommie's little quilting cat. Lots of color and movement. I did one round robin and it was enough. This one is a better idea as you're working on your own piece at least.

Martha Ginn said...

Working on our own--that's why I call it a "selfish round robin." Be sure to see all the other finished ones on our guild's site.

Ruth Powers said...

That was fun! Thanks for sharing yours and those of the other members,it's interesting to see what everyone did. I like the idea of a "Selfish" Round Robin!

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Ruth,
Many of these people had never designed their own quilts, so it was rewarding to see the success of their original ideas.

Jeanne Marklin said...

What a talented group of quilters! The challenge was very successful and I'm glad the members had the temerity to design their own work. The fabrics that were chosen were lovely! They are all so different even though they all started with a center block.

Martha Ginn said...

Good to hear from you, Jeanne! Yes, a fun and successful challenge.

janice pd said...

Loved seeing these Martha. Of the ones on the guilds site I was most taken by the last one shown in that smashing vintage Aqua color. Sorry we couldn't stop in Hattiesburg on our way through . We had a window between the ice and snow storms to make it home.

Vivian Helena said...

Looking at your quilt again,, love it, your kitty, just matches, the black areas, of course! Great idea.