Monday, October 6, 2014

What to Do When the Quilt Show is Over

Well, for starters, unload the car. Next, begin putting all those pieces I used at my lecture back in the closet or on their nails on the wall.

I had a houseguest and after we enjoyed eating out all week, I was ready to cook a proper meal instead of refrigerator findings, so a grocery shopping trip was necessary (the cats did not eat out all week). Then there were some emails to catch up on and more pictures and the winners page to post on the guild's blog.  Finally, I had a week's worth of checks and credit card charge slips to record. Pot plants needed some attention.

After seeing all the inspiring quilts at the show, several of us talked about how eager we were to get to our sewing machines! I keep lots of strips and squares cut and ready to sew. If I don't keep them covered, the cats bring several pieces to me during the night.
Tomorrow, to the sewing machine!
Elizabeth got closed up in one of these file drawers this afternoon and I hunted her for about seven hours, so she is sticking close to me.


Tanya Brown said...

Eeek! How on earth did your cat get shut inside one of the file drawers? Never mind ... she's a cat. They have mysterious ways. My husband used to have a cat who'd hide inside his kitchen cabinets, although they weren't as challenging to open as a file drawer.

Martha Ginn said...

I have figured it out--My houseguest Leslie drove off without her two large rosette ribbons and I opened the 2nd from bottom file drawer (to get an envelope), and I even saw a cat crawl in (like they do every time a drawer is open). But my housekeeper must have closed it when she swept/mopped in that room. Then when Leslie emailed me at 9:00 p.m. saying she had left her phone charger in the wall, I again went to the "envelope drawer," and Elizabeth climbed out. Come to think of it, I have never heard Elizabeth meow. She has a purr like a truck engine so apparently doesn't think she needs a meow. But I'd have really appreciated a response to my all-day calls!