Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Little Fun Sewing

In putting stuff away after the quilt show I came across a Ziploc bag with some little 4-5" blocks and several pieces of fabric obviously left over from making these blocks. I imagine someone started this as a Children's Quilt and it came to me with some other donated fabric.
The fabrics were bright and cheery and a little wild, not something I would have thought of combining, but I liked them. There were five partial rows, not all the same length, with some black/white strips that looked like they might be planned for sashing. So I could not resist finishing it. I added a white strip to the end of any row that was not quite long enough, sewed the black strips between the rows and on both sides and began to figure how to use the remaining fabric to make the quilt as large as possible. Here's the result. It measures 43" x 52".

Next I cut apart a finished wall quilt that I had made using thickened dyes unsuccessfully. I cut it into 1" strips and sewed them back together with connecting strips and made several postcards. These were interesting, especially with the appearance of one of my favorite fabrics--a back/white Oriental-looking piece with unexpected bits of red, blue, and aqua showing up. This "favorite fab" is from a shirt I bought at a friend's garage sale a couple of years ago. It shows up quite often in my work and adds just the right bit of color to a mostly black/white piece. Thanks, Bill!


Judy Warner said...

Great inspiration Margaret! Particiularly since I am going to be cleaning out drawers/shelves in the coming weeks! I love how you have created these new pieces.

Martha Ginn said...

Thanks, Judy, and I know you meant Martha instead of Margaret. It's really a feeling of freedom to be released from keeping something I don't think is successful.

LA Paylor said...

the bright blocks are fun! But the postcards are great! Imagine getting one in the mail!! LeeAnna