Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last Day of July

During a usually miserably hot summer, we enjoyed a morning temp of 64 and had cloud cover all day. I've got art quilting projects under control and decided to capture a few of my favorite plants in the flowerbed. I've been enjoying Basil in a little giraffe ceramic vase (pictured in an earlier post), as well as cutting for cooking.

The Lemon Thyme is growing and spreading. Behind it is Parsley. I never cut Parsley, hoping the caterpillar that becomes a black swallowtail butterfly will devour it and then build its chrysalis nearby.

Then there are pots of Croton and some green/pink/red long-leafed plants whose names I don't know. It doesn't matter--they're beautiful and colorful.

I cut some coleus for a vase, and it rooted so quickly that it is now back outside growing healthily.

In the house, the kittens are now 8 months old and a constant delight. They play and chase and sleep and eat together with rarely a spat.

Elizabeth and Rah-Rah watching Tarbaby
Tarbaby--so black!
Elizabeth sleeping

Two minutes later


Elvis Edwards said...

Your plants look beautiful and the kittens look like all kind of fun! I know you enjoy both..enjoyed reading about them.

LA Paylor said...

I miss crotons! We don't have them up in MD. Tarbaby was on the v e r y edge of the desk...
Have you been to blogpaws on Wednesday? So many cool pet blogs in that link party. You'd fit right in.

How are you doing? Hope you are good. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

Martha Ginn said...

Blogpaws is a new word to me...will have to check it out. I'm fine, about to have carpal tunnel surgery and will be better. Tarbaby insists on being in my lap if I'm at the computer OR sewing machine, and he's gotten longer than my thighs, so he drapes with his head hanging down between my knees, expecting me to support him. I have to catch him taking naps to get much done!