Friday, January 31, 2014

Busy January

It was a busy month, particularly weatherwise. We had lots of cold days when staying in was cozy. Then we had three days of the ice storm when I could not step out of my house. I could get into my car in the garage and drive up the driveway to the mailbox but could not put a foot down on the slick ice. It was a strange feeling to be so cut off; luckily, email, Internet, TV and phone service made life go on without much interruption. But it did give me reason to think of women a century ago who had no such conveniences!
I finished two children's quilts out of some 6" squares I've had for quite some time. They were pre-cut (pinking shear edges) and I have no idea where they came from. I call these "picnic" squares because they look like tablecloth fabric.
Picnic 1, offset squares, quilted (being checked out by kittens)

Picnic 2, top only
I made three walker totes (keeping up my commitment) and then enjoyed making three more Color Bar pieces.
Color Bars #14

Color Bars #13
Color Bars #12
No progress on the reorganizing of the fabric. Maybe February will be more conducive to rearranging and folding fabric.
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