Saturday, December 7, 2013


When I talked ABOUT him, I used his name, Bigboy. But when I talked TO him, I called him Baby. I got him from the shelter three years ago as a two-year-old and fell in love with his sweet face. Roy loved him, too. He had excellent kitty manners and was my constant companion, especially enjoying sleeping on any art quilt I laid on my work table.
Bigboy had breathing difficulties two months ago caused by fluid around his lungs, which the vet drew off. When he had more symptoms, x-rays showed a mass in his chest, and more fluid was drawn, giving relief only a few days. I could not bear to think of him suffering, so had to let him go two days ago. Everyone who reads this will be reminded of a similar painful experience in their own lives. Join me in being thankful for our pets and celebrating the joy they add to our lives.  


Linda Ginn said...

He was an wonderful cat to experience, quite an individual as all cats are. He had a fine life in your home, was much loved and contributed to your life as well. I will miss him, too. lkg

Tanya Brown said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

That decision to let a fur friend go is incredibly difficult, yet it's one of the kindest things one can do.

Martha said...

Our pets love us so unconditionally and are so dependant on us for protection. I had not realized the depth of comfort the cat had provided since Roy's death until I had to enter an empty house. Four days later I brought home two kittens to foster for a couple of weeks (needed medicine 2x day). They will tide me over with sweet kitty love for a while!