Friday, March 15, 2013

Dalian Modern Museum in Dalian, China

Dalian Modern Museum

An exhibit at the museum
Opened on March 22, 2002 Dalian Modern Museum is the first museum building in Dalian which follows the modern western style. The exhibition is organized in a clean, transparent way, and the information is presented with a bit of luxury and big space providing good visibility. Black and white, the dominant colors of the interior correspond with yin-yang theory, traditional in Chinese culture. The impressive building with total space of 21 600 square metres soon became the 21st century cultural landmark of Dalian.
What a beautiful place for the display of The Sum of Many Parts: 25 Quiltmakers in 21st-Century America. How exciting it will be to see some of the history and culture of China and share our quilt story with the people there.


Vivian Helena said...

What a wonderful opportunity, thank you for sharing.

Sirui Wang said...

Hello, Ms. Martha!
I am Sirui, one of the Chinese student in Ms. Virgina's Wednesday English class.
It is so glad to know that you have the chance to promote the quilt art in China.
You have the great talent in making quilt as art.
Hope you will a wonderful travelling in China!


Unknown said...

Martha, this is all so amazing! Do you feel like you've been dreaming?

Martha said...

Vivian, thanks for commenting.
Sirui, I loved traveling in China and I look forward to meeting with Virginia's Wednesday English class again soon to share my wonderful experiences.
Amazing? Yes, every now and then Linda and I would say, "Is this really happening?" The people were so courteous and helpful. In the hotels, there were many English speaking staff, so we were always taken care of.