Monday, February 11, 2013

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Tornado

We had a very damaging tornado on Sunday afternoon, February 10 in Hattiesburg. I stood on my front porch and watched it move from west to east, almost not comprehending what I was seeing. But when pictures began coming in, it was very sobering to realize I was only about 10 blocks from University of Southern Mississippi, where there was serious damage. Our church was not damaged, but several friends in church, Pine Belt Quilters, and the art association did not fare as well. It is  fortunate that we have not had any serious injuries or deaths reported. We lost TV cable and thousands lost power; I was fortunate to only lose TV but not power.


Julia said...

I'm glad you are well and not hurt. I kept thinking of my friends in Hattiesburg on Sunday. Paul is getting a team together with Christian Aid Ministeries to come help Wed. & Thurs. I'm not sure where they will be working.

Anonymous said...

Thankful for your update. Glad most everyone in guild were okay. Praying for Millie and Faye and Sandra. Watching videos on Weather Channel and Facebook it is a miracle that no lives were lost.

Shirley Wiltshire