Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Makes a Merry Christmas?

Does Christmas have to be filled with shopping, decorating, and rushing to qualify for a Merry Christmas? Definitely not, though we often have to remind ourselves of this. It is wonderful to get to be with family at Christmas, but we can choose to be happy and joyful and celebrate the real spirit of Christmas in a crowd or alone.
This is not a Christmas tree, but it's what I've been enjoying lately. Sasanquas are kin to camellias but bloom earlier. This one is covered in soft pink blooms that then begin to make a carpet of pink as the blossoms fall.

It's been a very joyful though untraditional Christmas.  I say "untraditional" meaning there were no excited children opening presents, no big gathering of family, no good cooking smells from the kitchen or stacks of dishes. There have been several parties or luncheons with friends, lots of beautiful Christmas music to sing, and I got to hear/see a live performance of "Amahl  and the Night Visitors"--something I wish for every year. 

I did not shop or get rushed over decorating. Advent at my church is always a time of thoughtful preparation for celebration of the Christ Child, the real meaning of Christmas. I like to display several nativity sets, and these add to the joy of the season.
As far as quilting activities go, my personal projects were put on hold in order to take part in gatherings of friends and making gifts for our guild to share. We make children's quilts all year long and then donate them in July and December to hospitals, shelters, and other agencies. We also make walker totes and catheter bag covers for hospitals. It is amazing what enjoyment can be gained from spending some time on projects like these that you know will bring joy. See Pine Belt Quilters blog.
It was a very Merry Christmas!


norma said...

I enjoyed seeing your Nativity sets. That blue and white one would be right at home in my house.
Happy New Year!

Martha said...

It's salt dough pottery--very rustic/primitive, but charming; very opposite of the Boehm Spirit of Bethlehem.