Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marilyn Doheny Hattiesburg Class-Day 2

We had another exciting and busy day with Marilyn Doheny. We learned about drop shift spiral, spiral waltz, infinity spiral, scallop spiral, the inward chevron, outward chevron, up wedges, down wedges. And then there were options on how to arrange the wedges--repeat, reverse repeat. A set of wedges that was laid out like a flower could morph into a butterfly and vice versa.
Marilyn had already done the math and  shared this very basic bit of information: it takes 40 9-degree wedges to make a complete circle (9 x 40 = 360, the number of degrees in a circle), 20 wedges makes a half-circle, and 10 wedges makes a quarter circle. No matter how tall our wedges are, if they are joined continuously in the same direction, they will make a circle. Grasping this concept will help to visualize and plan the objects we want to make. The wedges can undulate by changing the direction of a group of wedges.

Discovering possible layouts using Blaze and Chevrons
The Class behind two of Marilyn's quilts in progress
The educational seminar will continue this week in Jackson Wednesday and Thursday and in Starkville Friday and Saturday. Mississippi Quilt Association's annual educational seminar provides an opportunity to study with a nationally recognized teacher and is one of the benefits of our MQA membership. We left the class with our heads swimming with ideas of how we wanted to continue with our projects.  

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