Monday, July 23, 2012

Marilyn Doheny Hattiesburg Class-Day 1

Marilyn Doheny hit the ground running today and filled our heads with many ideas of what we could create using the 9-degree wedge rulers, all the way from elegant fans to fantasy flowers, butterflies, bugs, and other critters. Class participants came with several strata sewn which we could use in many ways, with none looking like any other. 
She brought quilts as examples of many techniques, such as the colorful one below. Yes, it is spread out on the floor!

We made a Split Tip, and a Flip-Flop, and saw examples of the Blaze and Chevron.  She showed us how to determine which of our sewn strata would work best for a Flip-Flop and which should be held back for the Blaze and the Chevron. (More about those words tomorrow!)
Strata auditioned as a Flip-Flop
She gave individual help at each table, and we were spread out all over Kelley Fellowship Hall at University Baptist Church, where Pine Belt Quilters regularly meet.

 Marilyn lives in Tryon, NC, and is the owner and inkeeper of  Melrose Inn, where she offers quilting retreats in the 120-year-old B&B she is remodeling and refurnishing.

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