Friday, July 6, 2012

Celebrating the Good Memories

Gathering wisteria and Lady Banksia Rose
We just passed the one-year anniversary of my husband Roy's death on July 4. He loved the yard and enjoyed gathering flowers to bring inside to me. My son and daughter and I celebrated by remembering good times, laughing at some of the frustrating ones, and being thankful for the love he showered on us.


Connie said...

The first year has to be the hardest. The love and memories you shared will endure forever. God bless you!

Julia said...

Thinking of you as you remember Roy.

Linda Ginn said...

All in all, such a sweetie with such a good heart. We got a very good deal having him in our lives.

Martha said...

"A good heart"--what an appropriate description of him!

Judy Middleton said...

Ms. Martha:

I recently read the article on you in the 4-County Electric Power newspaper. I recall you saying that your husband was your biggest fan. How refreshing it was to read about a partner that was your biggest cheerleader and supporter. May his spirit continue to encourage you.