Monday, February 27, 2012

The Atrium at Ochsner's

The Atrium at Ochsner's, 19" x 29"
I have been participating in an Ellen Lindner class called Design Your Own Nature Quilt. This piece is 19" x 29" and is raw edge appliqued. The inspiration is from several photographs I took of the buildings and plantings in the large atrium between Ochsner's Hospital and the Brent House Hotel in New Orleans. 
Detail of lower foliage

The Hotel opened in 1954 to accommodate families of patients who were being treated at the Hospital. The  benches, fountains, and plantings in the atrium offer a comforting atmosphere to this excellent health care facility.


Monica said...

Great job, Martha! It's been fun working with you, Ellen and the rest of the class on these projects.

Joy V said...

This is beautiful Martha. I love Ellen's work - have one of her books, but yet to do anything from it.

Julia said...

I love your quilt. You do wonderful work.

Judith Glover said...

Martha, this is a wonderful quilt, with excellent use of the patterns in the fabrics you chose. The lights and darks of the greens work well together and I like the contrast of the red and green also.

Ellen taught a one day workshop at the NC quilt symposium several years ago, but it was too short to get anything like this done. Ellen is an excellent teacher, don't you think?

Tommy said...

Hello Martha..

First time to visit your site, and i really enjoyed the tour. Great job on the The Atrium at Ochsner's lovely.. I would like to thank you for all you do for the quilting community. Please keep up the great work..

Thanks again


Martha said...

Thanks, Judith and Tommy! The Atrium piece was a joy to create. Sort of a tribute to those plantings which add such a hopeful atmosphere to a medical setting.