Saturday, October 5, 2019

Fall is Just a Word

Fall is just a word--not necessarily a weather. Maybe soon, though. After a month without any rain, we had a heavy rain with wind and some broken limbs last night. Lots of pine straw to sweep, rake, or blow.
I have enjoyed rehearsing with The Meistersingers this season. Our first concert is Spirituals in Blue: Music Down In My Soul. It is such a joy to sing beautiful arrangements of some of these familiar tunes.

Quilting has involved working on some Ghost Quilting and Improv pieces as well as having fun with fabric postcards. These can start out as color studies or just the joy of sewing strips of fabric. Elizabeth seemed to love posing on this blue and pink one while I was trying to hand sew the facing on the back.

Elizabeth says, "Does this color look good on me?"

A little postcard fun
The puzzle--okay, I give up. I have never been this close to finishing one and have to admit defeat. It will stay on the table another week until my granddaughter Christy comes to visit. She may see what I am missing.
Elizabeth knows I have given up
Several months ago lightning struck a large pine tree just at the edge of my neighbor's yard. He had it cut down and it seemed even larger once it was in pieces on the ground. I was amazed at the thickness (and the beauty) of the bark.
This tree had been growing quite a few years

The bark was 3" thick with interesting patterns of growth
I'm still fascinated with this little plant in my flowerbed--Fittonia Argyroneura. It is green with white veins, though some of it has pink veins instead of white. It continues to send up green stems with tiny white flowers. Click to enlarge.
Picture a month ago

Picture today showing tiny white flowers

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tierneycreates said...

Yes Elizabeth the color looks great on you! I love the pieces in this post as well as the nature images. We are having real Fall in the Denver area and it has become quite crisp in the morning. You are like the Puzzle Queen!