Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fall Is Here; Successful Quilt Show

Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker with Martha Ginn
(Best of Show-Small quilt by Vivian Plummer/Susie Jackson)

Hattiesburg City Councilman Jeffrey George
with Linda Ginn and Martha Ginn
It's 11 a.m. and the temp is 70 degrees--wonderful morning to enjoy coffee on the front porch! It's been a whole week since our Pine Belt Quilters show and I'm still smiling over the successful event. Receiving 290 quilts and returning 290 quilts to their makers is what I call a successful event! Diane Leclair from San Antonio was our NACQJ for the second time. She is highly complimentary of our work and enjoys coming to Hattiesburg. We also had 54 art quilts in a special exhibit by Southern Fiber Artists, which helped fulfill the title of our shows--Fiber Art & Quilt Show.
Mayor Toby Barker issued a Proclamation of Pine Belt Quilters Day and City Councilman Jeffrey George did a ribbon cutting to open our show. Linda took the entire week off to work and enjoy the quilt show. She also had two quilts entered in the show, quite impressive for a less-than-two-years quilter, says her proud mom!

Elizabeth, My Almost Perfect Cat won a first place (blue) ribbon in the Art category, and The Window Watchers (featuring Rahrah, Tarbaby, and Elizabeth) won an honorable mention (white) ribbon. My other entries were Mississippi Orange Peel, Winter Cabin, and Crayon Challenge, which did not win ribbons. "Held up well against very strong competition" I think is the comforting description often given. Insert smiley face here.

Elizabeth, My Almost Perfect Cat, 34" x 25"

The Window Watchers, 23" x 28"
Crayon Challenge, 42" x 52"

Winter Cabin, 27" x 20"

Mississippi Orange Peel, 48" x 48"
I love pictures with people admiring quilts!
The week following chairing a quilt show is totally taken up with gathering reports, sorting and organizing files and show supplies. Rahrah is checking to see if there is anything interesting here.
Quilt show supplies to go to storage

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