Sunday, July 29, 2018

Binding MOP, Quilt to Japan, and Blue-Haired Cat Lady

It's the end of July and I'm still hand-stitching the black bias binding on the Mississippi Orange Peel quilt. I have to stay in the studio for this because of better lighting, but stitching with black thread on bias Kona cotton around scallops--well, it is just easy to decide to do other things! Particularly when two cats insist on being in my lap or on the quilt. Tarbaby actually walks around meowing because he doesn't see any room for him. When he piles on anyway, I just go to the LR recliner and humor him. But one more work session should finish it.

The friend's baby in Japan I sent the wild frog quilt to seems to like it! What a happy little fellow he is. I can almost hear him chuckling. You can see pictures of the quilt during progress here.

And then I decided to add some blue and pink streaks to my hair! Eric (my hairdresser for about 25 years) looked quite startled when I asked him to do it. I didn't know how much and where and just what I wanted it to look like so I just told him to do something! It seems my hair would not take the pink color even on two tries, so I have only blue. Gives a whole new meaning to Blue-Haired Cat Lady.

I mailed my June page (late!) to one of the members of my Artists Unbound group. The inspiration for this page is from Libby Williamson's page that she had sent me earlier. Then I enjoyed more of Libby's instruction about using tea bags in her article in the August-September issue of Quilting Arts magazine. I feel so honored to own one of Libby's exquisite works!
My page for Gabriele DiTota
Libby Williamson's page for me

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