Friday, March 31, 2017

Ag Museum Quilt Wins in Dallas

At the Quilters Guild of Dallas Show
Good news for the Ag Museum quilt this month! It won a blue ribbon in the Quilters Guild of Dallas show and also the Mississippi Cultural Crossroads Port Gibson show. Dallas is a 400-quilt show, with 30 entries in the Group category--stiff competition. Port Gibson ribbon winners will be displayed at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson from June-August, a definite honor.
My son and his wife live in Dallas and went to see the show (at mom's suggestion!). They have a neat little boutique--The Laughing Willow--in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas that I love to tell people about.
Mark and Melody Ginn at the Dallas show
Entries in the Group category are in one name, but I don't want to slight the other fabulous members of our Fab Five team. Here we are pictured with our sections before all were completed:
Marcus Weekley, Martha Ginn, Cathy Reininger, Julia Graber, Rita Warnock
Spring is officially here, though it has actually been here for about three months. I finally quit worrying about another frost and planted snapdragons, zinnias, vinca, and coleus. I'm not a very adventuresome gardener--old favorites are just fine. A friend shared her purple Iris last fall and I'm eager for these to bloom on the healthy growth they already have.

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