Monday, May 11, 2015

May in Mississippi

This amaryllis is about seven or eight years old and produces some of the largest blooms I have ever seen. It was a gift which I later planted outdoors in a flowerbed on the east side of the house (so I could see it from the kitchen window). This year it has two stalks with nine blossoms. The second stalk can be seen low on the right.
The maidenhair fern survived the winter in the garage; after trimming all the old fronds, it has put on fresh fluffy greenery.
 My rosemary bush was unfazed by the cold winter temperatures.
My foster kittens are growing; their mama, Caboodle, has weaned them and gone back to Southern Pines Animal Shelter to get spayed and adopted. She is such a beautiful and sweet little cat that I'm sure she'll find a home quickly.
The kittens are almost to their two-pound weight required for their surgery and adoptions; meanwhile, they are having a good time in my garage and a delight to watch. Below is George Clooney, named for his handsome face! The other gray one is Christopher, who is just as handsome. 
The one with the white face climbing up my leg I first called Crybaby for his constant meowing. Now I interpret his voice as singing and have renamed him Josh Groban. I didn't want him labeled with an unpleasant name.  My three inside cats are terrified of the little furballs and will be glad when they are gone, but I will miss them. I've been letting the babies explore inside the house, hoping my cats will learn there is no danger from them. No progress on that score.

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