Saturday, September 20, 2014

Finishing Up Quilt Show Entries

The fun part was making these pieces; the boring part is sewing on labels and sleeves. But it has to be done to finish the job. I usually locate a slat the right size and mark it with the quilt's name so it is ready to hang. But these are going into our Pine Belt Quilters show in a couple of weeks, so no slats needed yet.
The piece I am donating to the silent auction is nearly ready, but I gave up finishing the binding until Rah-Rah was through with her bath.

I'll need to use lots of painter's tape to remove all the cat hair.


sonja said...

your cat is doing just what my cat girl Ruby does!luckily we always have other things to work on!
Hanging your art in the restaurant a bit longer just might result in sales as well. i am on the quiltart list and read your post today.

Martha Ginn said...

Though I'm late replying, thanks so much for looking and commenting! I posted several entries about our show, and things have finally slowed down a bit and I've put things back in their place and even done a little fabric shelf straightening. Don't we enjoy our cats??!! And work around them rather than disturb them!