Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shipping Artwork With Fewer Creases

My SAQA region (LA/MS/AR/AL) had an exhibit called Southern Voices in Little Rock, AR, this spring, and we have another venue for the exhibit--the Gadsden Museum of Art in Gadsden, AL, September 1 thru October 4, 2014. I am packing my piece to send, using a casual-looking folding method which actually eliminates crease lines.
I fold any corner, then another corner, then a side and another corner--in other words, anywhere but middle fold lines. I also insert crumpled plastic bags into folds to give a little ease.
The folded quilt goes into a large white bag to protect from rain. I also include a copy of the show information and a return address label and postage. I managed this in spite of a wrist brace after carpal tunnel surgery. I read and saw a picture in theJuly 2014 American Quilter magazine where Ted Storm didn't let a broken wrist keep her from finishing her Best of Show quilt "ElaTED." So I decided I'd better stop being such a wimp.


Julia Graber said...

Way to go, Martha. I'm getting my piece ready to ship also, only without the wrist brace!

Vivian Helena said...

thank you Martha... that looks like the directions I received from the show... wonderful to see how it is done.. and will try to remember to pass this forward, by also taking some photos while packing my quilt.. greatly appreciated.. Vivian