Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ending 2013

I suppose we are supposed to be philosophical and reflective when we go from the end of one year to the next. Or we can elect to just keep "soldiering on" as we have been doing. Nothing wrong with that approach if we don't want to spend too much time analyzing!
I finished the quilts for my newest great-grandsons just short of their first birthdays next month. Myles and Jude are two weeks apart and live close enough to be buddies. I traveled to Dallas to see my precious family before Christmas.
Myles Jordan and his granddad Mark Ginn

Jude Baker

 The quilts are about 58" square, although the photography could be improved.
Granddaughter Christy Ginn--my iPhone expert

6-week-old foster babies Ramona, Alamo, Alice, Pixel (clockwise) in a rare still moment
Looking forward to more art quilting, good times with friends and family, and blessings during 2014! And lots of kitty love!


Joy V said...

Lovely photos Martha. Have a great 2014. I also have to have help with my phone and computer......

Jeanne Marklin said...

Martha, looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with generations of family. There's nothing better!
Your great grandsons and kittens are ALL adorable.

LA Paylor said...

That pic of rockstar and ornament was cute but then the kittens!!! Stop you are killin' me with cute!
LeeAnna Paylor

Martha said...

Thanks to Joy, Jeanne,and LouAnna for your kind remarks about my precious great-grandsons AND my foster kitties! These boys are one year old this month and I hope to see them more often. Their brothers are 3 and 5 and beginning to know who Grandbunny is. They have their own quilts, too.