Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ready for Opening Reception

Here are some photos of the exhibit at the Lucile Parker Gallery at William Carey University, ready for the opening reception. Imagine my surprise to see this sign at the traffic light at the intersection for the turn off the highway! It covered the time for the opening reception and the date. Since it would be changed after the opening, I pulled off into the service station across the street to get the picture.

We placed large floral works and a twisted tree piece on the right wall, and abstract pieces on the left and back walls. Four smaller pieces were hung on the passageway to the next room (on left side at the top of the ramp).

The ramp and diagonal railing presented some challenges in the hanging process (the eyes play tricks with getting pieces level), but the unusual shape of the wall allowed for interesting placement.
View entering gallery
Left wall

Right wall

Ghost Quilting, Stitch Combos #1 and #2, Color Bars (blue)
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