Monday, April 8, 2013

After China

Mike Peters, writer for China Daily
I was interviewed by Mike Peters, writer for China Daily Sunday edition and European Weekly.  A reporter for NetEase, China's Leading Internet Technology Company, also conducted an interview at the US Embassy, after providing me with a list of topics and questions to be discussed.

The Chinese have a flair for design. Presentation is all-important, as shown by the displays in a grocery store.

I wish I knew what kind of trees these are. I first thought that woodpeckers had marked them as they searched for bugs under the bark, but the little holes opened up in a diamond shape. US Embassy Cultural Affairs Specialist Xiaotao Song (call him XT) and assistant Laurel Menser are shown on the left as we arrived at the next site for my quilt presentation.
XT Song and Laurel Menser, Embassy staff
Flying home: It was interesting to follow our plane's path from Beijing to Seattle on the screen on the back of the seats. Also watching three movies in a row helped with the long flight. We flew over Russia and the Bering Strait, even capturing the ice-covered sea and the moon over the plane's wing.
What a memorable trip! After letting my body and brain adjust from the effects of what is called jetlag, it's time to get back to more unexciting and mundane tasks. But I'll be glad to get away from the computer and back into the studio, even if it is for mundane tasks. My cat Bigboy has needed lots of lap time, making the finishing of this piece of fiber art challenging.
I wish I could share all the pictures and experiences of this trip with my many friends who have wished us well, and I hope seeing these have allowed you to share in the excitement and joy. Having Linda with me was an added blessing! Thanks for reading and following along with us.


Connie said...

I've really enjoyed sharing in your travels. I'm sure Bigboy was glad to have you home again!

Elaine Quehl said...

What an amazing trip Martha! And I'm so glad Bigboy is still talking to you!

Martha said...

Connie and Elaine, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading about the trip; it was truly memorable.
Bigboy is very forgiving; the two friends who took turns feeding him also sat in the big chair and he jumped in their lap for some loving. He's not particular--any lap makes him happy!

norma said...

I also enjoyed reading about your fabulous trip. It brought back fond memories.

Martha said...

Our trips were quite different recently--yours to Hawaii and Maui and mine to China. It is amazing how actually being in a place makes all future references to it much more alive! Happy travels!

Linda Laird said...

Dear Martha,
Thanks so much for sharing your story and pictures of your adventures in China. Links between people contribute to peace as much or more than treaties between governments do.

Martha said...

Linda, my "Rise and Shine, Inner City" quilt (which is in the exhibit) presents the message that neighborhoods touch and have to interact to make up a city, and this is a metaphor for our world, with countries touching and living peacefully. I told this to each of the groups I spoke to, and it was wonderful to see agreement on their faces!