Saturday, March 30, 2013

Home from China

My daughter Linda and I have just returned from a 12-day trip to China--what a marvelous experience! The first day (our rest day) we enjoyed seeing some of the sights of Dalian with a Dalian Museum staff member and a driver.  We attended the opening of The Sum of Many Parts: 25 Quiltmakers in 21st-Century America at the Dalian Modern Museum in Dalian, Liaoning Province.
Poster in front of Dalian Modern Museum
After the ribbon cutting ceremony, I gave a talk/demonstration for some very interested visitors. Walking through the exhibit answering questions and giving information about the variety of quilting styles was enjoyable to us all.  

The museum director hosted a dinner for our group from the U.S. Consulate office, who had organized the Dalian events. The next day we were taken for a tour of the Dalian Municipal Library, where Linda was able to ask and share information. (Linda is a catalog librarian at USM in Hattiesburg. On this trip, she was also my computer/PowerPoint specialist and the one helping me remember where we were and what day and time it was; I could not have managed without her!)
Museum visitors
That afternoon I presented a lecture to about 100 junior high students at the Dalian University of Technology. They listened politely, but when they were allowed to come close for photos and examination of the fiber art pieces, they really came alive.

Dalian University of Technology students

More report and pictures tomorrow.

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