Friday, July 27, 2012

Pieces and Parts

What an exciting time we had in the Marilyn Doheny workshop! Here are some of the pieces and parts I have made. They might be fans. They might be flowers. They might be butterflies. They might be spirals. . . .You get the picture.
Strata used for the two sections of spirals on right below

First you make a strata. This strata was used to cut the spiral sections below; eight wedges were cut "up" (larger end of the wedge ruler up), and eight wedges were cut down (larger end of wedge ruler down). You can see the darker print (near the cat) at the top of the right wedges and at the bottom of the left wedges. The wedges are unsewn in this picture.
40 of these wedges would make a full circle
Split Tip--may become flowers?
Chevron (before pressing)

Right now these are just pieces and parts. More will be made before composing my quilt onto the background.


Lisa Chin said...

Beautiful Martha!

Anonymous said...

That workshop must have been fun!
You do wonderful work.
Jo-Ann Adams