Friday, July 13, 2012

Between the Covers at the Library

"Between the Covers" Poster
I enjoyed giving a presentation last night at the Oak Grove Library in Hattiesburg, MS, during their "Between the Covers" July adult programs. There will be a speaker each Thursday night. 
Of course, rather than book "covers," my presentation dealt with quilts as "covers." I described the fascination and importance placed on friendship blocks among quilters from the colonial days until the present. Collecting blocks with verses or sentiments and a signature offered comfort when families were separated by westward migration, death, or war.

The quilt pictured here is a version of a friendship quilt even though it does not contain verses or signatures of the makers. I received a set of blocks of varying sizes and chose to assemble the blocks as a giant tree, with the background sky and ground made of Log Cabin blocks.

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